Medical 医療

The extensive family of Gore Medical Products includes implantable medical devices and medical OEM


Saving and improving the quality of lives worldwide

Gore's implantable medical devices work in harmony with the body's own tissues to aid healing, and in many applications, to restore normal functions. They offer exceptional performance for clinicians, and peace of mind for patients. Gore products provide new solutions to medical challenges in vascular, endovascular, interventional, and general surgical procedures. More than 40 million implants attest to Gore's commitment to improving the quality of patients' lives around the world.

Examples of Gore's implantable medical devices include minimally invasive endoprostheses that re-line diseased or damaged vessels, and Gore grafts that replace or bypass them. A variety of sheet and patch materials repair chest wall and heart defects, hernias, and other soft tissue deficiencies. GORE-TEX Sutures provide the handling and performance characteristics sought by a variety of surgical specialties.

Medical device manufacturers count on Gore products

Gore's expertise in high-performance materials extends to components of medical devices as well. GORE® Medical Membranes provide medical device manufacturers with solutions to their venting and filtration challenges to meet critical needs for deaeration, pressure equalization, contamination barrier, and particle capture. GORE® Membranes in medical devices create reliable barriers to liquids, particles and microbes without compromising airflow. Example applications include microphone protection in hearing instruments, battery protection from liquids in personal hygiene devices, and barrier to aerosol and liquids in transducer protectors. GORE® Reinforced Medical Tubing is pressure resistant, kink resistant, flexible, and offers precise control.