Please note: While these termination instructions offer a helpful guide, they should always be used alongside current connector system manufacturing instructions for best results.

About the Termination Instructions

These Termination Instructions are intended solely for terminating Gore’s 24 AWG Ethernet cables with the plug and receptacle versions of the Amphenol® OCS 13-53 Connector System. They first detail the tools and materials you’ll need, which include:

  • SN63 leaded solder (required)
  • Needle nose pliers, scalpel, tweezer scissors, hand strippers and cutters
  • Soldering iron and wick
  • Clamp tool (Tie-Dex® II)
  • Copper foil tape (3M-3313)
  • Braid brush
  • Probe/pick

Preparing the cable and parts, terminating the plug connector (Termination A) and receptacle (Termination B), closing the connectors, and performing the required testing are all covered thoroughly with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and visual aids, like photos and illustrations, to help you ensure proper termination.

Performing Required Testing

You should perform all required testing. Gore recommends that you complete the following steps at a minimum. You may be required to complete additional testing by local authorities and/or end-users.

  • Verify proper wiring and continuity
  • Check for shorts
  • Verify accurate assembly length

Contact a Gore Representative for More Information or Assistance

Terminating Gore’s aerospace wires and cables properly with connectors ensures high-speed data transmission with optimal signal integrity. These assembly termination instructions should only be used for GORE Aerospace Ethernet Cables with the plug and receptacle versions of the Amphenol® OCS (13-53) Connector System. To learn more about Gore’s high-speed data cables or to request complimentary samples in 48 hours, contact a Gore representative today.